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The Facts about Danny "Mack" Fowlie and Pavones, Costa Rica

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Tall tales follow every legendary place and person: Pavones and its banished builder Danny "Mack" Fowlie are no exceptions. This website sifts through sensationalist depictions of Pavones and Dan Fowlie to uncover the remarkable facts about this legendary land and personage. Diverse writers captivated by Pavones in many capacities - whether as surfers, historians, or longtime friends of Fowlie and Costa Rica - have collaborated here to restore historical integrity to Pavones legends by contributing a wealth of articles and images from their respective interests in, understandings of, and respect for Pavones and its principle builder, Daniel Fowlie. Fowlie has granted them privileged access to personal e-mail correspondences, images, interviews, and more. Please enjoy what has become the most accurate source for information about the Pavones frontier and its American pioneer, Daniel "Mack" Fowlie.
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Access our database of reliable articles and accounts of Danny "Mack" Fowlie and Pavones, Costa Rica, here.
  • Love Machine Films has just begun working with Dan Fowlie on a documentary of the history of Pavones: King of Pavones. Click on the "Movies" tab to view the documentary trailer, and visit Love Machine Films' website .
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